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Welcome to Toys, Tools and Treasures!
We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience, and come back often.
Toys, Tools and Treasures is a division of 777776 Ontario Limited, a company founded by Wendy Clifton, Occupational Therapist, in 1988.

Toys, Tools and Treasures is a Family Owned and operated business. We offer high-quality products that provide both fun and therapeutic benefits. We take great pride in our personal customer service! We specialize in sensory tools, activities to enhance fine and gross motor skills and equipment to help develop underlying skills and promote optimal functioning. We are constantly working to expand our product-line. We would love to hear from you if you have suggestions regarding additional items you would like us to carry.

Why Toys, Tools and Treasures?

Toys, Tools and Treasures has been a dream of Wendy Clifton’s for a number of years.  She has always greatly enjoyed finding unique toys and equipment to help to motivate her clients to participate optimally in therapy.  Teachers, parents and students regularly asked where they could purchase these items.  Often the toys and equipment are difficult to find or tend to be exorbitantly priced because of their “therapeutic” value.  All of the toys and equipment gathered together for this site have sensory or developmental uses, and would be of interest and benefit to most children and adults, not just those identified with special needs.  She wanted to make these products more accessible to the general population so that they can be experienced and enjoyed.

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