Weighted Pencil


Frequently recommended by therapists, a weighted pencil provides proprioceptive and tactile input for children who experience handwriting difficulties secondary to fine motor development and/or issues associated with motor planning.


Our weighted pencil consists of a standard pencil outfitted with 1 slide on weight with gel cover, 2 positioning O-rings and a soft gel pencil grip. The movable O-rings allow you to customize the position of the weight on the pencil shaft to meet the user’s specific needs. The extra weight can assist the writer to use to achieve appropriate pencil pressure and can help increase hand strength for improved pencil grasp and control. Also a source of 'heavy work' sensory input.

An ideal weight for elementary ages through adult the weighted pencil can also help decrease hand tremors.

Materials on our weighted pencil can be transferred to a new standard size pencil or stick pen when necessary.