Play Pack: Basic Skills Development - Fine Motor Focus


Game play for a range of skills with a focus on fine motor activities. The Play Pack offers great skill-based game ideas that you can do at home or in school. The games use readily available supplies and can be easily adjusted for a range of abilities. Play Packs are perfect for parents, caregivers, teachers and other professionals. Includes 15 skill-based game cards focusing on the development of fine motor abilities. Six additional information cards provide activity illustrations.


All the games outlined in Play Pack activity decks are easily adaptable for use with children of all needs and all abilities. The illustrations and names of activities are designed to entice children’s participation. Games are intended to encourage social interaction between children as well as between adults and children. Easy to follow directions, tips and skill descriptions on the back of each card.

Ages: Developmental ages 3-12+ Includes 21 cards.


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