Jacob's Rib-It-Ball


An exceptionally designed toy for little ones, with ribs that prevent the ball from rolling too far away so that children experience more hands-on "play time" instead of frustrating "chase time". Jacob's Rib-It-Ball is easy to grab and so light weight that its easy to throw even for children with limited muscle strength. Also great for seniors, as it is light and easy to catch.  



Jacob's Rib-It-Ball is made with a unique, crisp material that naturally makes noise, enhancing auditory awareness every time it's touched. The high contrasting colors are perfect for people with limited visual ability.The high-contrast colors and crinkly material add sensory appeal. This unique toy helps develop balance, coordination and play skills. Ages 3 and up. Manufactured by Bill and Bud.


*18" diameter. Comes with 2 balloon inserts & one reusable balloon tie. Additional insert replacements available for purchase.