Therapro Therapy Putty - 4 oz


Using therapy putty can help strengthen your hands, forearms and finger muscles and increase awareness of your fingers. 


Therapro therapy putty is a bleed-proof, non-toxic, clean, non-oily putty that is colour-coded for progressive resistance exercises.  The putty can be squeezed, twisted, pinched or stretched.  The putty will not harden.  It is used to strengthen the muscles in the arms, fingers and hands. It's great to use as a hand warm-up prior to paper and pencil activities.  It also provides resistance and tactile input to help with attention and focus, so can be used as a fidget.
The putty comes in a 4 oz plastic container.
It is available in the following (colour-coded) resistance levels:
  • Soft: Light blue
  • Medium soft: Light green
  • Medium: Dark blue
  • Firm: Dark green

Latex free.
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