Okiaas Hot Cold Pack


Extra Large Back Ice Pack for Injuries

Gel Cooling Pad for Hot Weather

Therapy for Bruises, Swelling, Sprains, Lower Back Pain Relief

Weighted lap pad 


  • Multi-use cooling pack & heating pad that transfers heat and cold evenly to relieve acute and chronic pain, muscle pain, arthritis, menopause, inflammation, swelling, and aid injury recovery. 1 hour's frozen in freezer for cold compress and heating up in microwave for 40 seconds for heat therapy.
  • Ultra-soft plush side provides extra comfort directly to skin, while nylon side provides intense coldness.
  • OKIAAS extra large ice pack fits the whole back perfectly. What's more, it comes with 2 adjustable straps provides multiple uses for perfect fit without slipping.
  • Thanks to the professional-grade gel, this gel pack remains pliable when frozen.
  • High-quality durable fabric provides extra safety to avoid skin irritation or discomfort during use. Double-sealed seams and reinforced outer stitching prevent leakage or tears for better application.
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