Ghost - Sensory Body Sock (Small Blue)


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Promote Calm, Focus, Relaxation – Ideal for kids with ADHD, autism, or other spatial sensory challenges, this sensory sock can help your child regain a sense of balance and clarity when overwhelmed.

Smart Snap Closure – Features a safety snap (4 snaps) that holds tight without discomfort.

Only one in stock in blue colour - size small 70cm x 110cm - Sold as is; minor mark on front and back; may come out with cleaning.

Colour may vary from image.


Not only do sensory socks help to soothe and calm, but a body sock can also encourage your child to explore their movements by pressing and stretching the material. A body sock gives immediate feedback to the tactile and proprioceptive systems when it is worn, both in one static position or used for dynamic movement based tasks. Start developing right away with the activity guide created by occupational therapists provided in each package.


80% Nylon | 20% Spandex

Plastic Snaps: Located at head opening


  • Small: 70cm x 110cm

We recommend that you measure your child to ensure purchasing the correct size. Measuring the height of the user is crucial to ensure purchasing the correct size.

* The Body Sock fits the very best when the user's height is equal to or slightly taller than (no more than 5") the Body Sock length. (In-between sizes? We recommend the size down to ensure compression is properly felt during use.)

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