Zipper Bands Bracelet


Fun plastic zipper bracelet will keep your fingers busy while you wear it.  A fashionable fidget toy to wear.

Colours and patterns vary. 

18cm - adjustable bracelet


DISCONTINUED - Only two left in stock

Fun to look at, fun to hold, fun to twist, turn, and manipulate Tangles are silent and calming fidget toy. These Tangles are perfect to wear, share, twist, turn, connect, and collect. Each bracelet is made up of 12 macaroni shaped pieces that can be taken apart to connect and collect with all your friends. The Tangle Friendship Bracelet can also be connected to the full Tangle Jr. line so that kids can make truly unique playthings after school or during vacation play.

Tangle products are lead free, latex free and do not contain phthalates.

Not for children under 3 yrs.


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