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At Toys, Tools and Treasures, we want to help connect you to the kind of information that can help you achieve your goals and improve your quality of life...both personal and professional. We are happy to post information and resources that may be of value to you.

Are you aware of any upcoming courses, conferences or workshops that might be of interest to parents, teachers or therapists? Would you like to share information about community programs or services that you found helpful? Please send us an email with information about the educational event and we will include it on our website. Please include links, brochures and/or registration forms when possible.


A software company called BeMe is working on a new app that takes a holistic view of things like sleep, nutrition, environment, and other factors to deliver rich, individual insights that help connect the dots between your child and the unknown.They are offering a free year of service for parents of Autistic children in exchange for completing a 10-minute survey. There is also an opportunity to join their Parent Advisory Group for those who are interested in providing more in-depth feedback to help shape the future of the product.


The Hamilton Spectator "You're not a teacher but here are some tips on learning at home" by Jason Allen, Thurs, May 7, 2020
Time Timer Free Download  - Find it on the App Store or Google Play - For a limited time
Learning without Tears Writing Prompts Free Download Click here
Learning without Tears "Handwriting Lesson - Teaching Proper Crayon Grip"  Click here

2022 In-Person OSOT Conference, November 4-5, 2022, Toronto, ON


nild Canada Presents



Scholar's Choice Free Webinars



Sensational Brain: Creators of BrainWorks Products

Ethical Foundations Webinar Package


Talk Tools

Feeding First 2022, October 25-29, 2022


Therapro Webinars

Lunch & Learn: Teaching Kids a Daily Habit - Toothbrushing! November 1, 2022

Is it Behavior or Sensory? Part 1, December 13, 2022


Jack Hirose & Associates Courses

DBT Skills to Treat Clients, Maximize Therapeutic Gains and Reduce Therapist Burnout, November 2022, Vancouver & Calgary

Trauma Competency Training, December 2022, Edmonton & Vancouver

Managing Sleep Problems In People with Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, or Pain, October 25, 2022

Advanced Self-Regulation: Practical Strategies and Interventions for Children and Adolescents, October 26, 2022

Racial Trauma and Minority Stress: The Cultural Competent Clinician’s Guide to Assessment and Treatment, December 2, 2022

Disordered Eating: Somatic, Self-Compassion, and Mindfulness Interventions for Lasting Recovery, December 8, 2022

The Canadian Trauma and Mental Health Summit: Advanced Interventions and Strategies for Front line Professionals, May 24-26, 2023, Calgary, AB, Canada


Vital Links

Exploring Therapeutic Listening in Practice: A Mentorship Series, September-October 2022

Astronaut Training – A Sound Activated Vestibular-Visual Protocol, October 23-24, 2022

Therapeutic Listening: Listening with the Whole Body, November 13-14, 2022


Raising Your Strong Willed Child - A Free Interview Series Hosted by Sonali Vongchursiri
Register here
A Primer for OT's New to Working in School Settings
Free Weekly Webinars by Scholar's Choice - Register here
Concussion Training Course for Parents/Caregivers (E-Learning)
More info here
Free Workshop - Calm the Chaos
Stop your child's unwanted behaviour before it even starts
Register here
Understanding the Relationship Between Sensory Integration and the Suck-Swallow-Breathe Synchrony Webinar, Watch it here


Camelot Centre - A Creative Day Program for Intellectually Disabled Adults
Community Living Toronto has launched a new travel training app called Discover My Route. The app is designed specifically to help people with an intellectual or developmental disability to use transit with more confidence and independence.
Jack Hirose & Associates - Offers workshops, conferences and webinars
Learning Disabilities Association of Halton offers workshops throughout the year
Maker Kids  Empowering the makers of tomorrow with the skills and mindsets to change the world
McMaster Children’s Hospital’s offers free workshops for families.  See their catalogue for details.
Scholar's Choice Free Weekly Webinars Click here


Please see below for articles that might interest you.
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Maker Kids
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Heartspace Physical Therapy for Children
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