REP Band, Precut, Level 2, Orange

REP Band, Precut, Level 2, Orange
Orange REP Band, precut, level 2, latex free

Resistive exercise products play a vital role in home and clinical rehabilitation regimens and strengthening programs prescribed by health care professionals.

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Today, progressive resistance exercise products are used for rehabbing muscle and joint injuries, work hardening programs, and aerobic and aquatic exercise programs. REP Band® Products can play an integral part in these programs to strengthen muscles and increase endurance.

What differentiates REP Band® Resistive Exercise Products from other resistive exercise products is that it they are made of non-latex material and are powder and odor-free. A quality resistive exercise product that will not trigger latex allergies or leave a dusty powder on your clothes after exercising.

• Latex-Free
• Odorless
• No Powder
• Made in the USA

These pre-cut Rep-Bands are 4 inches wide and 5 feet long.

Often used around the base of school chairs.

Other resistance/colours available.

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No recommended products at the moment.